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 Creativity drives the economy. Creativity is serious business. Build your foundation ... build your future.

"By using Edward de Bono's brilliant concept of 'Lateral Thinking' we were able to revolutionize the insurance industry through 'living needs' policies that allow people to benefit from their life insurance while they are alive." - Ron D. Barbaro, President, the Prudential Insurance Company of America

The foundation tools kits for productive creative and innovative thinking used by proactive executives all around the world:

Six Thinking Hats: A practical tool to help individuals and groups separate out and organize their thinking. de Bono wrote the book in 1985. It's since become an international best seller. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1992. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1992 at the start of this venture.

Lateral Thinking: Solving problems in unconventional ways--a way of thinking which seeks solutions through unorthodox methods that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. de Bono wrote this classic book in the 1970's. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1994. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1994 during the launch of this course.






21st Century Tools: A new generation of entrepreneurs and thought leaders are discovering de Bono Thinking Systems methods for the first time.

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A Sampling of Global Results

  1. DuPont saved $30 million by eliminating 9 steps in the manufacturing process of Kevlar®.

  2. Emerson Scroll Compressors used Six Thinking Hats as a communication tool to tap the strengths of their straight shooting workforce. Documented savings--over $400,000.

  3. Food Processing awarded Hormel Foods the 2010 R&D Team Award--Lateral Thinking tools helped.

  4. ABB in Finland used to spend 30 days on their multi-national discussions. Today, they do it in two days, using the parallel thinking tools of Six Thinking Hats.

  5. Peter Ueberroth credits using lateral thinking tools as one of the strategies he deployed to help the 1984 Olympic Games turn a profit. This has since caused the games to go from an event that no city wanted to host, to a prestigious event where cities today compete for the privilege.

  6. Prudential Insurance invented Living Benefits Insurance.

  7. Boeing navigated through and avoided a deadlock between management and its labor union.

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