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Why de Bono Thinking Systems Methods

... to equip people to become excellent lifelong thinkers--critical, creative, constructive, innovative, productive.

"By using Edward de Bono's brilliant concept of 'Lateral Thinking' we were able to revolutionize the insurance industry through 'living needs' policies that allow people to benefit from their life insurance while they are alive." - Ron D. Barbaro, President, the Prudential Insurance Company of America






The foundation tools kits for productive creative and innovative thinking used by proactive executives all around the world:

Six Thinking Hats: A practical tool to help individuals and groups separate out and organize their thinking. de Bono wrote the book in 1985. It's since become an international best seller. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1992. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1992 at the start of this venture.

Lateral Thinking: Solving problems in unconventional ways--a way of thinking which seeks solutions through unorthodox methods that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. de Bono wrote this classic book in the 1970's. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1994. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1994 during the launch of this course.

De Bono Thinking Systems Methods are utilized by people of all ages and professions, including Nobel Prize laureates and corporate executives at some of the world's largest organizations.

21st Century Tools: A new generation of entrepreneurs and thought leaders are discovering de Bono Thinking Systems methods for the first time.

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A Sampling of Global Results

  1. DuPont saved $30 million by eliminating 9 steps in the manufacturing process of Kevlar®

  2. Emerson Scroll Compressors used Six Thinking Hats as a communication tool to tap the strengths of their straight shooting workforce. Documented savings--over $400,000.

  3. Food Processing awarded Hormel Foods the 2010 R&D Team Award--Lateral Thinking tools helped.

  4. ABB in Finland used to spend 30 days on their multi-national discussions. Today, they do it in two days, using the parallel thinking tools of Six Thinking Hats.

  5. Peter Ueberroth credits lateral thinking tools for helping the 1984 Olympic Games turn a profit causing the games to go from an event that no city wanted to host, to a prestigious event where cities today compete for the privilege.

  6. Prudential Insurance invented Living Benefits Insurance.

  7. Boeing navigated through and avoided a deadlock between management and its labor union.

  8. 3M developed market-breaking product innovations—such as: Duct Tape targeted for women.

  9. The Eurhythmics rock group posted a note of thanks to Edward de Bono on the cover of a best selling LP.

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Respected Thought Leaders Share their Insights

"You can do no better than to attend a de Bono seminar." - Tom Peters

"If you haven't heard of Edward de Bono or of Lateral Thinking, perhaps you have been too busy thinking in conventional ways." - Forbes Magazine

"An inspiring man with brilliant ideas. de Bono never ceases to amaze with his clarity of thought."  - Sir Richard Branson, Serial Entrepreneur

"I believe Dr. de Bono's work in teaching people to think may be the most important thing happening in the world today." - George Gallup

"By using Edward de Bono's brilliant concept of 'Lateral Thinking' we were able to revolutionize the insurance industry through 'living needs' policies that allow people to benefit from their life insurance while they are alive." - Ron D. Barbaro, President, the Prudential Insurance Company of America

"At DuPont, we have experienced the power of deliberate, systematic application of the de bono tools to practical problems with remarkable results. for example, Lateral Thinking led to a major breakthrough in process continuity at a fiber plant with a radical altering of basic equipment design, reducing the number of moving parts by 80%." - David Tanner, Founding Director, Du Pont Center for Creativity & Innovation

"Sad to think how much harm has been caused by the brutal arrogance of rock logic." in a comparison of the rock logic of the present to the water logic of perception proposed by Dr. Edward de Bono in his book, I am right you are wrong: from rock logic to water logic - Professor Dudley Herschbach, Harvard, Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1986

"Lateral thinking helps us to leap from a well traveled neural rut to a more productive side-track whose benefit is seen only in hindsight. his (de Bono's) thinking tools are designed to lead us from the vicarious 'why didn't I think of that before?' to the triumphant 'eureka.'" I saw the system work in action at an impasse during a seminar of Nobel laureates. when a random word was injected into the discussion (a de bono thinking tool), the problem was quickly solved." - Sheldon Lee Glashow, Nobel prize for Physics, Harvard

"...I have become a convert. In 'Lateral Thinking' our normally haphazard way of thinking is replaced by a deliberate method that, in a prescribed and systematic way, solves the problems."- Ivar Giaver, Nobel Prize for Physics, Renssalear Institute

"...our culture is suspicious of any kind of thinking that works in ways other than through logic; and, to a very large extent, logical thinking is the only kind of thinking that is encouraged in our educational system. dr. de bono does well to expose so clearly the faults in a system that places exclusive reliance on one aspect of the mind alone. one hopes that this book (i am right-you are wrong) will be studied and appreciated by those to whom it will be of the most value. - Dr. Brian David Josephson, Nobel Prize in Physics, Cambridge

What to expect when you work with de Bono Thinking Systems senior leader Lynda Curtin

  1. You'll work with one of the most experienced and successful senior leaders in the de Bono Thinking Systems global network--an independent consultant working steadily since 1994.

  2. She brings an intense focus helping executives resolve tough business challenges within an enjoyable framework. She has lots of great experience helping diverse client groups, not to mention her creativity.

  3. Her complete and undivided attention when she is working with you. Old fashioned--she will not even peek at messages on her BlackBerry. 

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