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Power Session: Systematic Value Scanning to Secure Market Leadership

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."--Warren Buffet


Systematic value scanning will broaden your view of the potential of new ideas, decisions, proposals. It will help you secure a strong competitive advantage. It will help you uncover fresh new value that no one else is leveraging.


Value is the whole reason for doing something.

The impact: consider both positive and negative values.

  1. Value is your competitive advantage.

  2. Value is what keeps customers coming back.

  3. Value is what sets companies apart from their competition.

  4. Value is what secures futures for companies and employees.

  5. Value received is why people will pay a premium for some products and services.

Does this describe the search for value at your organization? If it does, you're using an awfully weak system: top-of-the-head.


I imagine there are some people at Verizon, Netflix, and Bank of America who are surprised and  embarrassed by the enraged consumer responses to the new fees they recently rolled out. Imagine how awful it must be make a decision, implement it, and then watch it implode very publicly, very quickly. That's exactly what happened with these three companies. They implemented new service fees that didn't add any new service value for consumers. Guess what? They had to cancel the new fees. I don't think this is what is meant by VOE--Voice of the Customer.

Here's what I think happened--my speculation. Employees are overworked. Many are in a rush to get everything done. There's no time to think--just act. They're good people. Their intention isn't to create problems. They're on a project team tasked with generating more revenue. Obvious ideas are generated first--let's charge for existing services, let's add a new service fee for ..., let's break apart our service and raise the price ... You get it. Rush. Yes, let's do that. Just like that. Where is the thinking about value? It's weak at best--only from the view point of the company, and, it's what comes to mind top-of-the-head.

No wonder these three companies found themselves rescinding their new service fees. Someone likely asked "What's the value?" It's a big question. Where would you direct your thinking attention if left to the top-of-your-head to come up with answers?

Book a Power Session with Lynda Curtin and next time you're asked "What's the value?" you'll have a robust Value Scanning Checklist to put into action. You won't be caught in the embarrassing situation of having to rescind decisions because value was not well thought through. Instead, you'll be implementing new solutions packed with value that no one else is leveraging--competitive advantage.


"Some values are ... like sugar on the doughnut, legitimate, desirable, but insufficient, apart from the doughnut itself. We need substance as well as frosting."--Ralph T. Flewelling


Power Session Objectives

In this fast paced, hands-on session

  1. Experience a breakthrough in your thinking about value.

  2. Work with a practical value scanning checklist to conduct a more thorough search for value.

  3. Embrace the challenge to search for new values that no one else is leveraging--secure market leadership.

This Power Session is Designed For

Employees involved in assessing ideas, making decisions, assessing proposals, and designing solutions.

Book this Power Session

  1. If you don't have a value scanning tool this would certainly be helpful for your group.

  2. If you are relying on the question, "What's the value?" you can't book this Power Session fast enough.

  3. If you are reworking solutions that have been implemented with weak value, this Power Session is certainly worth tire-kicking.


This Power Session is designed for executive retreats and team events. We will be applying the Value Scanning Checklist and process to a job related challenge of your choosing.


90 minutes to two-and-a-half hours.

To schedule  a Systematic Value Scanning Power Session at your company contact Lynda Curtin at 818-507-6055. Email Lynda at 

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