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A Statoil drilling manager presents his problem as a case study. The group solves his problem using the Six Thinking Hats method. The drilling goes on, and millions are saved. With hindsight, a genial solution--not planned and not foreseeable in advance.


"The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best results."--Edward de Bono


Six Thinking Hats is a time-tested tool that boosts creative and innovative performance. It provides a framework to focus and broaden thinking by separating out six different ingredients in thinking: white hat--information, yellow hat--benefits, black hat--risk, green hat--creativity, red hat--gut instinct, and blue hat--process.

Each person uses the same tool, at the same time, on the same challenge--focused parallel thinking. This cleans up the conversation, puts an end to endless debate and discussions that are going nowhere, and saves everyone time.

"Six Hats is a simple, yet powerful tool that can be learned rapidly and used immediately to achieve long-lasting results. Six Hats has helped our product development group to generate ideas quickly, evaluate them efficiently, and implement action plans effectively." - Laura Donahue, Nestle

Increase creative and innovative performance by learning how to:

  1. Break the idea killer habit that shuts down the creative process.

  2. Generate powerful new ideas that are outside of the mainstream.

  3. Follow a productive process for idea evaluation.

  4. Work with benefits to determine if an idea is worthwhile exploring further.

  5. Identify and assess problems at the appropriate places in the creative process.

  6. Consider a broader range of possible solutions, and select the ones that best meet the business need.

  7. Include "gut instinct" reactions.

  8. Break the tendency to get stuck in the data and facts--information overload which constrains creative effort.

  9. Set up clear focus statements to put each person on the same page and avoid confusion.

  10. Select opportunities to pursue based on balancing value against risk.

  11. Develop action plans to minimize risk.

  12. Sell well thought through ideas to management and clients with more confidence.

  13. Move from intellectual understanding to skill development.

"The Six Thinking Hats methodology was openly embraced by the advisors and we truly got much more robust output from the meeting than conventional advisory boards." - Betsey King, Professional Relations & Education Manager, AstraZeneca

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The Six Thinking Hats® Tool Kit

Process control. Managing the thinking.
  • Focus tool.
  • Thinking agenda development.
  • Time management plan.
  • Keep egos and argument in check.
  • Action planning for next steps, roles, responsibilities, time.
Data, information, facts — known and needed.
  • White hat O.P.V. tool — other people’s views.
  • Spectrum of relevance tool.
  • Range of accuracy tool.
  • Plan to get necessary white hat data.
Creativity. Ideas. Alternatives. Solutions. Possibilities.
  • Top of the head tool idea generating tool.
  • Random entry tool idea generating tool.
  • Concept fan idea generating tool.
  • Time and space for creative thinking.
Benefits with rationale. The optimistic view. Plus points.
  • Frames of value tool.
  • Levels of feasibility tool.
  • Competitive advantage screen.
  • Sense of potential.
Risk assessment. Potential problems. Danger. Difficulties.
  • Find errors in logic.
  • Speculate about the future.
  • Note ways something does not fit.
  • Set out to remove difficulties with green hat solutions.
Hunches. Gut instinct. Intuition. Feelings.
  • Range of feelings tool.
  • Decision making tool.
  • Idea sorting tools.
  • Idea power tools.
  • Level of commitment tool.

"We know health care is changing. We don't have to sell the need for creativity. For us it's the implementation piece; the next step. We see the Six Thinking Hats as a method to go beyond generating ideas ... a way to help teams effectively and efficiently evaluate the merits of the ideas they learned during our "One Team, One Purpose" course." - Jennifer Kirby, Washoe Health System

Six Thinking Hats® Workshop Options

  • Executive Deep Dive into Six Thinking Hats. An intense two-day de Bono Innovation event. We will work on your business challenges. Lynda was certified in 1992 by Edward de Bono in Six Thinking Hats. She has lots of relevant client experience and insights to share with you.  

  • One-day workshop. This option is great when you are hosting a four-day Focus on Facilitation workshop. Day 1 starts out with a one-day Six Thinking Hats. You can invite up to 20 thought leaders to attend along with your facilitators, who will be staying on for the next three days to learn how to facilitate productive thinking meetings using de Bono Thinking Systems methods.

Additional Workshop Option: Focus on Facilitation--How to Lead Productive Thinking Together Meetings to Deliver Remarkable Results

Background: Many people used to attend Six Thinking Hats® training because they really wanted to learn how to use the tools to facilitate productive thinking meetings. The one-day and two-day Six Thinking Hats workshops weren't designed to teach facilitation skills, not to mention, facilitation requires additional thinking tools not included in the Six Thinking Hats method.

Clients knew this and kept asking for more in-depth facilitation training using de Bono Thinking Systems methods. So, de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. retained the services of Lynda Curtin to apply her facilitation expertise along with her expertise in applying de Bono methods--Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and CoRT Tools to develop a de Bono facilitation course.

Focus on Facilitation is the result. If your need is to develop powerful facilitation skills--the ability to facilitate the thinking that needs to take place in meetings, in order for groups to arrive at robust solutions, plan to attend Focus on Facilitation training.


ABB reduced multinational project meetings from 30 days to 2 days.

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Benefits of Becoming a Six Thinking Hats Thinker

  1. Save time by providing a framework to:

  • Participate in productive “thinking together meetings” that are focused on delivering necessary results.

  • Clear up confusion on rapidly changing challenges and complex issues.

  • Minimize personality conflicts.

  • Become better focused and to the point in discussions.

  • Separate out: facts from emotions; the positive from the negative; critical thinking from creative thinking.

  • Help individuals focus on what is important rather what is irrelevant.

  • Put quiet employees on an equal playing field with those who are more talkative or monopolize meetings.

  • Sidestep egos which get in the way of performance.

  1. Improve performance by providing a framework to:

  • Make better decisions based on thorough and clear thinking.

  • Be better prepared to implement change.

  • Create communication plans that are clear and concise.

  • See all sides of a situation to avoid being blindsided.

  • Sort through wide ranges of data, quickly, to work with just the necessary information. Avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.

  • Solve problems that are high priority rather than problems that are easy to solve and of little consequence.

  • Design action plans that are supported by the group and can be implemented.

  • Complete documentation of decisions and actions for future reference.

  • Think through business challenges more thoroughly. 

Customer Service Soars at MobiFon-Connex:

  • The average speed to answer a customer phone call went from 225 seconds to 40 seconds

  • A new point of sales process was introduced which reduced phone activation time from 8 hours to less than 15 minutes

  • Customer retention - customer churn was reduced by over 50%

Four Ways You Can Learn de Bono Thinking Systems Six Thinking Hats® Method

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Become a Six Thinking Hats® Certified Trainer

  1. Book Lynda to lead a Six Thinking Hats® instructor certification train-the-trainer event at your company. Develop a group of your own expert trainers that will train your internal clients. Call 818-507-6055 to discuss details.

  2. Attend a public Six Thinking Hats® instructor certification training event. View our current dates, locations and registration details.

Six Thinking Hats® Materials: attendees will always receive the official de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. materials which include handy job aids for use back on the job.

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