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Facilitation Handbook - Guide for Organizing, Managing and Leading Group Thinking

Lynda Curtin is an expert accredited de Bono facilitator ... she wrote and developed Edward de Bono's Focus on Facilitation course. She will ensure your next tough or complex thinking together meeting is very productive.

 Lynda's unbiased and expert help will break the thinking logjams that have been preventing you and your group from achieving remarkable results ... her help? ... it's priceless.

“The Six Thinking Hats® methodology was openly embraced by the advisors and we truly got much more robust output from the meeting than conventional advisory boards.” — Betsey King, Professional Relations & Education Manager, AstraZeneca

Expert de Bono Facilitator Lynda Curtin will work with you to

  1. Plan, organize, and lead a productive thinking meeting for you using appropriate de Bono Thinking Systems thinking tools.

  2. Define and test the overall goal to ensure a successful outcome.

  3. Decide what can be done in advance of the meeting to save time during the meeting.

  4. Ensure she expands the thinking of the group to resolve the challenge successfully.

  5. Help decide who should attend the meeting and for what purpose.

  6. Interview appropriate attendees in advance to gather helpful information.

  7. Define how decisions are going to be made and to advise the group.

  8. End with an action plan that will be supported and can be implemented.

I Need Help--Coaching Package for Important Meetings--$647.00

Consider this service if

  1. You are planning to lead a meeting/retreat.
  2. You have serious concerns about your being able to deliver on the goals of the meeting.
  3. You don't have time to hire a facilitator, but know deep in your heart you really need one.

Lynda will work with you via phone and email to help you and give you good ideas to strengthen your meeting plan ... her help? ... it's priceless. 

Call: 818-507-6055 to book this coaching service.



9 Reasons to Invest in Retaining the Facilitation Services of Lynda Curtin

  1. You are investing thousands of dollars to host a very important facilitated meeting and just realized you don't have the skills to facilitate, nor does any staff member.

  2. Old ways are no longer effective—the group is frustrated—the same old ideas keep surfacing. You need an expert to help the group break open their thinking.

  3. Audacious goals have been set—you need help with idea generation to start the process of planning strategies to meet the goals.

  4. The group has met a number of times to resolve a tough challenge—there is no action plan or end in sight.

  5. The challenge is emotional, controversial, or represents a major change.

  6. The team is bogged down in a mountain of data and can’t get moving.

  7. Important decisions keep getting put off because no one wants to be responsible in case things don’t work out.

  8. A major change has just been announced and will require new thinking and lots of action.

  9. A business disaster just occurred. You need expert help to get the group focused and moving.

Ask yourself, "How much longer can we afford to keep working on this without expert help? How much is our inaction costing us?" The answer--a lot more than you think.

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Become an Expert de Bono Thinking Systems Facilitator

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"The results of the training are visible. We have received a large research project due in part to the creativity tools Lynda taught us."— Alex D'Anci, Marketing Manager, ABB Finland

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