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Train-the-Trainer: Become a Certified de Bono Thinking Systems Workshop Instructor

Become a de Bono Thinking Systems Certified Instructor. Train-the-Trainer Instructor Certification Training—ideal for corporate trainers, Six Sigma Black Belts, team leaders and independent consultants who need to lead practical time-tested training seminars to equip delegates with 21st Century job skills in these areas
  1. Creative Thinking Process: creative and innovative thinking methods that learners will be equipped to apply to their real-world business challenges.
  2. Equip groups and individuals to do their best thinking within tight time constraints--collaborative, creative, critical, and thorough thinking.

Talent Development: Planning Guide for Instructor Certification Training is here.

Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methods are the foundation tool kits. Choose the method which best meets your skill need.

Six Thinking Hats: A practical tool to help individuals and groups separate out and organize their thinking. de Bono wrote the book in 1985. It's since become an international best seller. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1992. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1992 at the start of this venture.

Lateral Thinking: Solving problems in unconventional ways--a way of thinking which seeks solutions through unorthodox methods that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. de Bono wrote this classic book in the 1970's. de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. launched the course in 1994. Lynda Curtin was certified by de Bono in 1994 during the launch of this course.

Here is our current public event schedule.

Certification Training or Facilitation Training. Which one is right for you?

If you want to become a certified workshop leader of a de Bono Thinking Systems method, train-the-trainer is your choice. You will be required to provide each person attending a training workshop with their own workbook and job aids that are theirs to keep.

If you do not want to become a workshop instructor--attending a train-the-trainer event is not an option for you.

If your need is application based--to learn how to use the tools to facilitate productive thinking meetings, Focus on Facilitation™ end user training will meet your need. Focus on Facilitation was developed to meet this specific need--how to facilitate a wide variety of productive thinking meetings using de Bono Thinking Systems methods. You can also earn a global Authorized de Bono Facilitator credential at no additional cost once you invest in Focus on Facilitation training. 

View our schedule of public events for dates and locations, or, schedule a custom training event at your company.

 Arrange a consultation with Lynda Curtin to help you determine which de Bono Thinking Systems workshop will best meet your need. Call: 818-507-6055. There is no “right” order.

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Duration: Each certification training event is 3-4 days in length depending upon number of participants.

Application Form        Reference Form

Certification Process:

  1. Decide which de Bono Thinking Systems method will meet your need.

  2. Certification Application: Candidates must first apply for certification, provide three professional references, and obtain approval from The Opportunity Thinker/de Bono for Business. You can download the (PDF) forms here: Application Form.     Reference Form.

  3. Upon acceptance of your application we will send you an agreement to be signed and returned prior to attending certification training. You will be asked to maintain the highest level of integrity, and to protect the copyright of Dr. de Bono’s important body of work. You will agree to supply workshop participants with the official de Bono Thinking Systems training materials each time you deliver a workshop.

  4. Clear your calendar for the week and attend certification training—you will have evening work that must be completed. You won’t have time during the day to do your normal work tasks. You will be kept very busy. The instructor certification experience is very intense.

  5. We start by leading you through the standard workshop which you will be learning to deliver—this experience as a learner will deepen your ability to instruct with excellence. The balance of our time is spent teaching the tools in detail and providing you with in-depth coaching on your many practice teach backs and meeting facilitation practices. You will also give to, and receive coaching from the other attendees to help you hone your depth of knowledge.

  6. Upon successful completion of instructor certification you can start teaching the workshop to others. You will take immediate delivery of your first order of workshop materials which will be arranged at the time your application is approved.

  7. Every two years you must recertify.

Tip: We highly recommend you attend a workshop before attending certification training to deepen your certification experience.

Pricing for Instructor Certification Training at Public Events

  1. Certification Fee—$5,250, plus the purchase of 24 sets of workshop kits which are delivered upon completion of your training. Call for pricing.

Certification Includes: certified instructor kit; training and coaching led by a highly qualified Master Trainer.

Strengthen Your Investment by Hosting a Custom Certification Event at Your Company

If you have 4 or more trainers to certify, an in-house makes good business sense. It provides you with

  1. Customization—Lynda Curtin will work with you to determine business goals, and corporate alignment. She will then prepare a design to meet your goals.

  2. Consulting/Facilitation Skills—your team will strengthen their job skills in both of these areas.

  3. Confidentiality—we can work on sensitive business issues without the risk of outsiders learning something they shouldn’t.

  4. Community of Practice—the team will develop a strong support network with each other. If a trainer moves to a new position you will still have trained talent to deliver workshops —protect your training investment.
  5. Flexibility—you choose the dates, times, location.

In-house pricing--depends upon the scope of your project. Arrange a consultation with Lynda Curtin to plan your custom train-the-trainer event. Call: 818-507-6055 or e-mail:

Instructor Re-certification

Every two years instructors are required to recertify and demonstrate that they have delivered workshops using the approved course materials. Instructors must own the most recent version of the instructor notes. Instructors who choose not to re-certify will no longer have access to training materials. They will also be removed from the global database which lists all the authorized instructors.

The Master Trainer re-certification coaching fee is $475.00 which includes the processing fee for de Bono Thinking Systems. Lynda Curtin will arrange a telephone interview with you to take you through the recertification process and assess your ability. 

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Advanced Creativity: includes Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Methods!